How I Work

I work with people to reflect fully and intentionally to develop mindfulness, presence, equanimity, emotional stability, embodiment, interconnectivity, and attunement with their selves, others and the lifeworld.

I offer a safe, supportive and compassionate interpersonal context.

Sessions are 75-80 minutes.

When working with clients, I use:

Cognitive and Narrative therapies for development of healthy worldviews and life stories by which we live. The worldviews and lifestories we live within shape our perceptions, thoughts, beliefs, actions, feelings, and experience;

Emotional and neurophysiological regulation as ways of transforming depression, anxiety, and mood disorders into healthier ways of being;

Neurotherapies to intentionally rewire neural networks toward well-being, for example anxiety networks in the brain can be reorganized;

Somatic Therapies as a way of transforming trauma and deepening embodied presence so that we can feel joy and meaningful connectivity within the flow of life;

Ecotherapy as a way of strengthening our healthy connection with our lifeworld so that we can heal through feeling beauty, joy and wonder, and to transform our ecodespair into action;

Depth Therapies offer ceremony, ritual, art and dreamwork as ways to be beyond words and into the symbolic realm of our individual and collective psyche.

Existential, Ecological, Evolutionary, Buddhist, Complex Systems and Self-Organization and Quantum psychologies set a framework for me as a psychologist utilizing cognitive, emotional, somatic, neurological and depth therapies. My intention is to move us all toward living deeply and fully in compassionate and conscious interconnectivity.

  • Existential Therapies as ways of developing understanding of choice, freedom, meaning, truth, responsibility, differentiation, interconnectivity, mortality – as the ground for clarifying intentional Being and healthiest interconnecting so that we focus our intentional consciousness to develop meaningful and responsible lives and worlds we want to live within.
  • EcoPsychology is about our ongoing awareness and emotional response to our connection with our world, landscapes, place, and micro and macro dimensions of ecosystems.
  • Evolutionary Psychology focuses on how we are a species that is rapidly evolving and we are currently navigating our way through a bifurcation point – which way will we go from here? Each of us, as individual entities, like atoms in a wave, have life-energy to commit to the personal and social transforming processes that are the themes of the era in which we live. If we use our intelligence to co-create that wave, with focus and intention, it is possible for us to be a conscious self-organizing complex adaptive wave of humanity, moving in a direction that is best for all on the web of life. Each of us is a necessary part in that transforming.
  • Buddhist Psychology offers an experiential and reflective based science of mind. We work with mindfulness and reflective processes to deepen embodied presence and to strengthen equanimity. We live in an era where staying calm in the midst of constant change is a necessary life skill. Treating ourselves and others with compassion is a way to move toward peace, within and without.
  • Complex Systems and Self-Organization – everything is changing all of the time, moving from one form to another, disorganizing and reorganizing. We can influence this process.
  • Quantum Psychotherapies and the study of consciousness through both the neuroscience of mind and deep awareness helps us to understand our lives within the whole of existence and shifts what it is possible to do with consciousness.
I have been studying, teaching and practicing these psychologies and therapeutic approaches since the early 70’s.  I believe that personal transformation is a necessary part of the social transformation that is needed in our lifeworld.   Both are ongoing and we can intentionally use our consciousness to shape who we are and the world in which we live.  We are each part of a larger flow.
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