My Clients

Life is a constant flow of change and transformation. We are always organizing former versions of ourselves and forming new ones.

This process is easier and can be less painful if we practice reflection and bring mindful awareness of who we have been, who we are now, how our life is changing at this point and who we would intentionally become, and where we would best practice acceptance.

Mindful reflection is easier if we sit and talk, feel, develop insight and understanding, imagine possibilities, and make peace with events and processes, ourselves, other people and life itself.

So people who come to see me are reflecting on the ever changing experience of life unfolding. They are looking for how to transform change and suffering into well-being and peace. Changes in their relationships, grief and loss, emotional and physical trauma, anxiety and depression can all be worked with to help us become wiser, more compassionate and more effective at living healthy lives.

Please feel free to contact me to book an appointment, or for more information.