We are social and individual beings with cognitive, emotional, somatic,  neurophysiological, and spiritual forms of intelligence – none are separate from the other except in our way of languaging our existence.

In real lived-experience these are so intricately interwoven that we work in all dimensions of our being.  In general we use mindfulness and reflection  to further intentionally adapting,  transforming, and living deeply as aspects of the whole ongoing process.

I work a lot with

  • ecotherapy which is a way of transforming our ecodespair into action;
  • emotional  and neurophysiological regulation as ways of transforming depression, anxiety, and mood disorders into healthier ways of being;
  • emotional and somatic therapies as ways of  engaging with and strengthening presence;
  • and cognitive, narrative  and existential therapies as ways of  developing understanding so that we focus our intentional consciousness to develop lives and worlds we want to be part of and live within.
  • We work with mindfulness and reflective processes to deepen embodied presence as the ground for clarifying intentional Being and healthiest interconnecting;
  • we will use neuroscience to intentionally rewire neural networks, as well as ceremony, ritual, art and dream therapies as ways to be beyond words and into the symbolic realm of the psyche.
  • Existential and  Buddhist psychologies set us in a framework for utilizing cognitive, emotional, somatic and neurological therapies toward  living deeply and fully in compassionate and conscious interconnectivity.

Sessions are 75-80 minutes.

Please contact me for more information.