Who I Am

I have walked many trails, sat with many teachers, learned from many companions on the path, including clients and students, and I have explored many dimensions so far in this life in my search for truth and wisdom.

I believe life is meaningful and complex, at times painful and traumatic, and often beautiful in how it all unfolds.  Life is easier and makes more sense when we walk with companions, compassion, care, commitment and creativity.
I have a Ph.D in Counselling Psychology, and extensive training in cognitive, emotional, neurological, body oriented, existential, archetypal, depth, Buddhist, quantum, and ecopsychology based therapies.  I have been a counsellor and psychologist for over 30 years, working across a wide range –  from mental health issues of anxiety, depression, and addictions, to personal and spiritual growth progressions.  I work with individuals, couples, families, and groups.   I supervise and train counselors and therapists, and I facilitate professional groups.

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